Digital Archiving


Archiving that goes
above and beyond

Preserve your original plans and contract documents digitally with comprehensive back-up options. Scan your original blueprints and specs to digital files, forever protecting them, saving space and gaining peace of mind.

Digital Scanning and Archiving

We have scanned over 2 million documents, forever preserving them in digital form.

archiving benefits

Preserve drawings

Preserve your drawings in their existing state – preventing further loss of information or losing plans altogether.


Consolidate file cabinets and plan racks. Just need file folders, binders, or other documents? No problem!

Free up space

Tired of rooms full of old drawings and specs haphazardly lying around? Have a better use for that space?

Save money and time

Save both time and money when it comes to renovating existing buildings. The last thing you want is not to be able to find the as-built drawing and have to re-measure or re-draw a space. Or not know what is behind that wall!

Help with maintenance and facility upkeep

Easily find drawings instead of rummaging around in a room for hours trying to find an HVAC or plumbing layout to fix an immediate maintenance issue.

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