Digital Document Review

Schematic Review Approach

The first step towards success in any project, including how we approach your business

Our Approach

1. The Principles and Stakeholders

How can we help? We’ll meet with key decision makers and ask straight-forward questions to determine how best our services will fit within your organization.

2. The Internal Users

How’s it going so far? We want to see how the day-to-day users are functioning with your current process and where the pain points are.

3. The Current System

What are you using now? Starting with a review of your current software system, we’ll assess the scalability and usability of your process.

4. The Recommendations

Where do we go from here? You’ll find our suggestions for best practices and guidelines, plus a plan moving forward where our services can help

Less hassle, more
return on investment

Every business approaches their projects differently. We strive to get to know your individual work flow first to determine what can be improved so you can focus on what matters most.

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